"We have seen Lorelei und Schatzi play many times, as we play on the road ourselves, and we always enjoy their show. They weave their comedy into their show in a clever and natural way, as a lead-in to their music and their yodeling and vocals are tremendous. They are quality musicians, seasoned entertainers, professional in their presentation and very nice ladies.....which means they don't just earn fans but also endear long-time friends."   

Michael Duncan with the PROST band from Cincinnati, Ohio 

 “Lorelei und Schatzi are 2 of the most versatile artists on the German-American music scene. Not only are they virtuoso instrumentalists, vocalists and yodelers- but they are also engaging entertainers. Whether you need an authentic folk presentation or family-friendly humor with an Alpine accent- Lorelei und Schatzi deliver the show every time…. I look forward to sharing a stage with them soon…” 

Alex Meixner, Grammy Nominated musician/ producer 

“This duo will lead you through a yodeling frolic of tall tales sure to leave your sides sore from laughter.” 

Lenora N., Texas 

“Lorelei and Schatzi are a dynamic duo in German music.  They are delightful to listen to and charming and engaging in their performance.  A ‘MUST SEE’ and a ‘MUST SEE AGAIN’.” 

Carol M., Georgia 

“Lorelei and Schatzi are wonderful entertainers.  Their music and wit make you laugh, dance and have a great time while they are performing.  We go to see them  
at OKTOBERFEST in Helen, Georgia every year.” 

Tony U., South Carolina 

“Lorelei und Schatzi are a beautiful combination of musik, fun, and professional entertainment.” 

Bonnie B., Georgia